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Investment Philosophy

The key to long-term success in investing resides in a coherent strategy for allocation among broad categories of assets, minimization of fees and expenses, and a true understanding and commitment to the investment process. Over time, markets are efficient and capitalism does work. We employ a passive management approach to investing with some asset allocation and sector rotation based on macro economic trends. Our primary objective is to preserve capital in the pursuit of portfolio growth.


To ensure preservation of capital it is imperative that you do not invest all of your money in a concentrated position or asset class. By allocating your capital among a variety of non-correlated asset classes, you mathematically reduce volatility and create a more stable portfolio. Don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket.


Most investors are truly unaware of the inherent and sometimes hidden costs of investing. Understanding what to buy and how to buy it can have a dramatic impact on the growth rate of your portfolio. Having a comprehensive knowledge of the tax code and how it relates to your investments will also prove beneficial. It is important to understand the game within the game and always avoid unnecessary fees and expenses.


Inexperienced investors will continuously second guess their investment decisions and often over-react to events in the market place. Successful investors are committed to an intelligent investment strategy. In periods of economic uncertainty, our approach is to remain invested in a diversified portfolio of high quality investments. Understand the investment process and have the fortitude and discipline to stay with the program.