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Services & Fees

Webb Capital Management is a “fee-based” investment advisory firm. This means we are not paid commission to sell our clients products. We work with a limited number of individual investors, helping them to better manage their portfolios. We take the time to build a personal relationship with each of our clients.

We begin by creating a list of our client’s assets and liabilities and help them to identify their specific financial goals and objectives. Based on the client’s personal risk tolerance and their individual goals, we then design a portfolio recommendation that will help them to preserve capital and grow their assets. We take time to educate our clients as to the fundamental concepts of investing. We typically use no-load institutional mutual funds & ETFs to implement our investment strategy. We continuously monitor these investments and schedule annual meetings with our clients, to review their individual performance.

In return for our specific investment advice, we charge a management fee (billed quarterly) based on a percentage of the assets. Our standard annual management fee is “one percent” for portfolios less than one million dollars in value. We work with Charles Schwab & Company as a third party custodian.